$125/60-minute session  or $597/five 60-minute sessions

  • 60-minute calls
  • Private Interactive Online Journal
  • Benchmark Goals and homework to do between calls


“I had been on a journey of self-help for so long and while I made progress, I eventually got to a low-point where it felt like I was just spinning my wheels going nowhere. It finally dawned on me I needed some help with certain emotional blockages that I felt “stuck in” and couldn’t see a way out of on my own. I felt I had lost myself, my voice, and my way. The first person I thought of was Cary MacArthur as I knew she had found her voice and after she shared about her private mentoring program, I felt a pull inside and knew it was exactly the thing I was looking for! Since working with Cary I’ve had one major break-through and tons of “Aha’s”, one after another. I no longer feel lost and have surprised myself with how much I’ve grown in such a short amount of time. I feel like Cary is someone who I can tell anything and there is zero judgment. I enjoy getting her perspective on things and the exercises we’ve done have been simple but extremely effective. We’re only half-way through the sessions and I already feel like my life has changed. I no longer identify with that shy and insecure girl who is scared to speak up for what she believes in. I am loved, I am enough, and I am free to be me!”
–Jenny R.

My Philosophy:

Human Beings are natural connectors. Not only are we hard-wired to be social beings, our ability to thrive correlates with the quality of our relationships. Connection—to love and be loved—is one of the most fundamental components of healthy human development.

When I began my own journey to self-discovery over 5 years, I didn’t realize what I was missing or what I was even looking for. But through my own experiences and research, I have discovered that the true ability to form and maintain quality relationships must begin with our ability to connect to ourselves as individuals. The ability to KNOW who YOU are at a core level is CRUCIAL to being able to truly share yourself with others. This understanding helps you to find the courage to step into new experiences, form beautiful relationships, and live a powerful, purposeful, and joyful life.

One of my favorite authors, Brené Brown, claims that Connection is “the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.”

In other words, Connection happens when we allow ourselves to show up and speak up! I would love to help you Discover your V.O.I.C.E!

My Approach:

I am a product of my product. I have lived it and learned from it, and my greatest desire is to share the life I know live because of it.

Through my own experiences, I have discovered that one of my greatest gifts and passions is seeing people in the fullness of their potential and helping them to see it as well. More than a mentor, I feel like I am a “partner in growth,” because along with my educated perspective I, too, am doing the work! I won’t ask anyone to do anything that I haven’t done myself. That is how I know this process works!!

My experience and education, along with my faith-based perspective, is what makes me unique. I offer myself as a servant leader and facilitator of your process.

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