There was a time that I felt confused about my purpose. My kids were getting older and didn’t need me ALL the time, and I was feeling restless and confused and, quite frankly, depressed. I had forgotten who I was and what I desired, and while I knew I had “something to do,” I had no idea what that “something” was.

I had several conversations with my husband about it. He told me that I needed to find gratitude and happiness in where I was at that moment and my purpose would become clear again. “Stop spending so much energy in trying to figure it out,” he said, “and just let it come.”

In A Happy Pocket Full of Money,
author David Cameron Gikandi talks about Purpose.

“What is your purpose? Your purpose is separate from your goals. What is your purpose? Why are you here? Only by knowing and declaring your purpose and holding it high every day, can you move forward quickly in the right direction for you and have a great time doing so. The right question is: why did you choose to come here to Earth?”

That immediately resonated with me because, being a spiritual person, I’ve always known deep within me that this life isn’t all there is, and that I—we–have existed for a really long time, that we made a choice to come to this Earth, and that there was a reason why we chose to come. So when he said, “why did you choose to come here to Earth?” I knew I had to keep reading.

“Where did you get your purpose? Consider this suggestion. You have free will. When did this free will start? Some people think it starts when they are born. They believe they did not have a choice whether or not to be born, but once they are here, they have free will to make choices in their lives. Others believe that their free will is eternal, and that is starts even before they are born. That is not such a strange idea. Your soul is eternal. Your eyes tell you that life starts when you are born, but something deeper tells you that this may not be the real beginning. Purpose or destiny is what you, yourself, or soul choose to come to do here on Earth, a choice based on your soul’s attributes and wishes… Find your purpose by spending some quiet time thinking what makes you feel good, what you have passion for.”

That is basically what my husband told me to do

Find some quite time and figure out what it is that makes you happy. Figure out what makes you feel good and what you’re just passionate about.

And that’s what I did. I took time to get quiet.

  • I remembered I loved people.
    I love being around people! I love observing them and learning from them.
  • I love culture. I love languages. I love to travel.
    So that’s got to be part of my purpose somehow. How exciting is that?!
  • I love truth.
    I think that’s my number one passion—truth—learning it and sharing it with other people.

And that was the beginning…

I want to quote just a few more words from A Happy Pocket Full of Money:

“So sit down quietly and find out why you are here.  You have a purpose.  You may or may not know it yet, but you can discover what it is by asking yourself and being true to yourself. Your special talent is usually your purpose.  Or it may be something you always felt, especially as a child, that you could do very well.  Children often know their purpose, but as they grow up, society and the educational system confuse them. Your purpose may be what gives you most joy.”

Of all of the suggestions that he gives, every single one of them has to do with the way you feel, and all of those feelings are good feelings, whether it’s happiness, joy, passion, or talent.  Our talents make us feel good, right?

So our feelings, desires, passions, and talents are all a part of us because they have existed within us even before we came to this Earth.  Our passions, desires and talents were developed before we came here. It’s all part of who we really are—it’s our purpose!  We can all tap into it!  Some of us may have buried it deeper than others, but it’s there.

So sit down quietly and ponder on that.  That’s what I did.  It took some time. I would write, then I would put it away, then I would write, then I would put it away.  I’d sit in my chair, and I would think, “you know what, I am going to write my purpose right now, and I’m not going to get out of my chair until it’s all written.”  Then I would write for a minute, and I would get frustrated or scared—or something—so I would just get up and walk away.  But I always kept my little notecards, and one day, I picked them up and read them all together, and there it was written out in front of me, just on different cards at different times. It came slowly, but it came.

And I know it will come for you, too. Just “sit quietly” and find your purpose.

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