Remembering WHY: Connecting the dots; Filling my cup

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I think a lot–like A LOT a lot. I can’t help it. Sometimes people tell me I think too much. Sometimes I try to believe them and try to shut it off…and…always I find that

  1. I can’t.

  2. I don’t want to.

After all, I AM a processor–my brain is wired to connect all the dots, and that takes thinking. It also takes processing (thinking about my thoughts)–both internally and externally–which is why it makes sense that I would BLOG a lot–like A LOT a lot.  Doesn’t it? Journaling/blogging is a great way to externally process.Yet…it’s been months. Why do you suppose that is?

I have a few thoughts (of course I do) on that:

  • Forgetting to remember WHY I started a blog in the first place. I say it this way because I haven’t forgotten why–I’m way to self-aware to not know why I do anything I do. I say it because sometimes I don’t actively remember my why. I can get into “robot mode” and let my to-do list dictate my awareness, and when I do anything just to check it off my list, it becomes mundane and I forget that it is actually part of my passion.
  • Focusing on perceived expectations instead of my message. **highlight on the word perceived**  One of the GREATEST lessons I have learned as I have connected to my V.O.I.C.E. is to look inside myself for validation and motivation, yet I still fall prey to letting what I think other people might think, and that can stop me dead in my tracks. I go invisible–which is where I have been working so hard NOT to be.
  • Being slammed busy with things that get in the way of my purpose. It happens. Life changes. Responsibilities and schedules change. Sometimes that creates a little bit of life clutter–fragments of the old mixed in with the new–which creates confusion in my mind.

So what can I do about it? If continuing to blog is really what I want to do, what will motivate me to re-commit myself to doing it? Would you be surprised if I told you I also have thoughts on this? 😉

  • Decide to REMEMBER MY WHY. This will take action of some sort–I must create a trigger to remind me each day to connect to my vision, my purpose, and my passion. I use the reminders on my phone a lot as a trigger, which also can become too familiar and easy to ignore. Journaling about my vision is another way that keeps me connected–and then reading and/or adding detail to it each day so that it is fresh on my mind. If I leave my journal on my desk where I see it every time I am in my office (which is several times a day,) that adds power to the reminder.
  • Remember who I am. Check my V.O.I.C.E.  A daily (or sometimes hourly) through the VOICE modality helps me to remember my core motivations and clears out the mind-clutter that can get in the way.
    • Value–How do I feel about myself right now?

    • Openness–Am I open? Is my body open? Am I willing to be vulnerable? Is my mind open to receive inspiration?

    • Intentional Action–What is my intention for my action (in this case, my blog)? *This step more than any other keeps me from worrying about what others might think.

    • Clearing–Is my energy clear? How can I clear it? *Dancing is usually key for me, or exercise of any kind.

    • Expression–How do I want to show up? Am I BEING that?

So…now that I have processed through all of that…I am ready to externally process via blogging once again. I hope you are ready too! 😉

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