Anxiety Vs Anxiousness

I love to feel good! Don’t you? I mean, we are human, right? And human beings LOVE to feel good.  We go to motivational conferences, we love to have our favorite comfort food and watch our [...]


“Love Yourself Thin”–What does that even mean?

I must start by saying the journey is not over, nor am I sure it will ever “end,” but it began when Dr. Tony O’Donnell looked me in the eye and told me (in his Irish accent) [...]


You Attract What You’re Being: How to Live Life NOW

I recently posted this photo meme on social media with the caption– “YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU’RE BEING!” —  to which someone commented, “Understanding HOW to do [...]


#100Daysof … WHAT??!!–Taking Courage to a Whole New Level

I did it! I made it through #100DaysofLaughter! When my friend, Tammy, suggested that we look for something to laugh about every day for 100 days and post a Facebook Live video about it, I [...]


My Secret to Courage: It Starts with Morning Rituals

I love my Morning Rituals: I wake up early every morning–at least an hour before anyone else is awake. It’s my favorite time of the day. I crave the clear and peaceful feeling of [...]


Emily Tate: A Young Lady with Powerful Purpose

We can learn so much from our young people!! I am inspired by amazing youth every single day.  One such group of powerful kids is a dance group from Diamond Talent Studio in St. George, UT. This [...]


The Power of “Do It Anyway”

One thing I have come to know as FACT is that the best way out is always through. Whenever I am faced with something I’d really rather not do–whether it be because of fear, [...]