Interview with Casey Plouffe: Find JOY in the Journey!

Casey is a nurse-turned-network marketer, and has fallen in love with the industry. Through this share to share industry, she was introduced to the power of positive and intentional thinking. She [...]


I Can’t Say Enough about ACTION

I am quite in AWE about the transformative power of ACTION! It’s one of those things I thought I knew. My parents taught me to work hard–hard work is part of my nature. It is also [...]


Blogging, Beach Anxiety, and Perfectionism

Yes. Perfectionism. Something I thought I understood enough to stay away from. Something I knew I had the potential to get caught up in if I wasn’t careful… Careful… [...]


Experiencing Both the Joy AND the “Hard”

I often hear myself say “Personal Growth can be excruciating and exhausting, but I do it anyway because of how good it feels on the other side.” In fact, Life can be hard. [...]


“V” is for Virtue–the Value of YOU

“What is my purpose right now?” I remember the day I received the answer to this question. It came after a process that occurred over several months.  As part of my morning study, I [...]