Getting Clear: Discovering Your Clearly Defined Purpose

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“Don’t insult that which is guiding you by aiming too low.”

One of my favorite mentors, Sandra Yancey, said that to me, and I love it. It reminds me that I am being guided by a higher power; it also reminds me of how much I am worth, and I’m worth a lot; we all are. But it’s way too easy to forget that as we go throughout our lives, and we fall into habits and routines that are beneath us. There is a reason it’s not good enough to only be living life day by day, and that’s because we all want to become the biggest, and fullest manifestation of ourselves that we can be. We are progressive beings! It is in our nature to want to be the best that we can be. We all have a psychological need to matter!

And still, we tend to forget… So let me remind you,

You have a purpose. You may or may not know it yet. You can discover it by asking yourself “Who Am I–Really?” and then, once you feel the answer, by being true to yourself. Sit quietly and find out who you are, then set your sites to BE that!

And “don’t insult that which is guiding you by aiming too low,” because you WILL be guided.

The gist is that finding your voice-finding yourself-is how you find your purpose. It’s easy to get very distracted as we’re searching because sometimes we get thrown through loops and get sent on roller coasters. Most of the time, we will not just get from point A to point B without trials, right? But if we keep going, we WILL get there. It takes patience, determination, and perseverance. Think of it as going on a road trip – You pack your things, get in the car, and embark on your journey. It is a given that you will encounter some red lights, stop signs, traffic, and you’ll even have to stop to fill up your tank once or twice. And I’m pretty sure that these “trials” very rarely make anyone turn around and go right back home where they’re more comfortable, and that is because they KNOW that if they keep driving, they WILL reach their destination.

Life is no different.

You will get there if you don’t turn around and go back home to where you’re comfortable.

We work together in one purpose because we all connect together in a higher purpose. Still, we all have our own individual personalities & we all have our own individual purpose. We all have our own individual desires, the things that make us tick, the talents that we’ve been given. My purpose is why I’m here; it’s what drives me every day. It can also be defined as my vision, and it becomes more clear as I move toward my purpose.

I encourage you to find time daily to sit in silence, using that time to connect the power of the Divine Creator to the power that is within you. Allow that connection to flow through you, and then recheck your vision and your purpose to bring them into a more clear and defined alignment with who you are designed to be.

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  • Sara Close

    Beautiful and so well said- thank you for all that you do. You are so inspiring for/to me. ?

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